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Secrets of pomoting the business

Blue Voda article "secrets of promoting your business online" is published at articles section


Open source HTML codes for starters

Data creators are donating open source HTML codes for developers and starters

Please check articles section for free of charge HTML and JAVA code and simply copy and paste into your page editor.

For eventual graphic content please write us at or Skype call 'european-connection'

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LCD screens for businesses

European Connection is lauchning new hi-tech project: supply fo LCD screens for businesses and private individuals

We supply leading edge display products & solutions, from design to integration to distribution. We offer a full range of standard and custom LCD solutions including: touch screen integration, high bright displays, LCD kits, LCD open frames, controller boards, and LCD screens. We offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of flat panel display solutions in the industry.

Our choices are not limited by manufacturers on a line card, which means Horizon can offer customers more options and ultimately, the most competitive solutions for their display needs. On LCD screens, targeted cost reduction and fast response times are achieved by aggregating global supply & demand information from thousands of trading partners on a real time basis. This superior market liquidity, along with strategic business process management, results in shorter delivery times and higher transactional speed.


Visual Presentation services

European Connection is offering:

-Visual presentation packages: Adope Photoshop, Illustrator

-Multimedia presentation: Adobe Flash, Moviezo,

-Exclusive photography and design with authentic copyright

Java development

European Connection offers:

-Java architect services

-Java development



UX/UI Designers

European Connection offers:

-UX/UI Design


Offshore Staffing Center


What is OSC?

Some of our clients have research and development force and they can sort out clear requirements or even create a design, however, because of lacking sufficient developers, they will need an OSC (Offshore Staffing Center) to provide them with independent developers. While working with OSC, these clients themselves will act as project manager or architect. They will assign separate tasks to Nova's developers, fully control the project process and require these developers to report daily work progress to them. Nova uses Agile as the main development methodology.
OSC features
Cost Saving:

Clients save the cost of project management and design.

Clients can flexibly adjust resource numbers, working time etc according to their changing needs.
Easy to control:

Clients can easily find out what the developers are doing with developers' daily work reports and live chats on IM.

Nova provides complete career development scheme and attractive benefit package, which enable our developers want to stay with Nova for a long time.
How to build an OSC?
Understand clients' requirements as for about technologies, work experience etc.
Nova recommends suitable developers and provides their CVs for clients' preliminary review.
If the client is interested in the candidates, then the candidates will work on real tasks for a trial period, usually one week. In this way, clients can examine the true capability before committing to any contracts.
Enter into service contract.
Q&A about OSC
How much does your developer cost?

The rates of Nova's developers are determined by their capabilities. We can promise that our rates are the most reasonable and competitive in the market. There is a wide range of our rates and the floor rate is $15 per hour.
What happens if the developer is off sick?

Every developer enjoys one-day vacation per month. If the developer takes off more than 1 day in one month (off sick or other matters), then we will deduct the daily cost and remedy you accordingly.
What happens if the developer leaves the team?

If a developer has to leave the team due to various reasons after he took part in the development, Nova will offer at least 1-week for knowledge transferring for free. During this week, the successor will work with the current developer and familiarize the working process, project architecture and different technologies which are specifically required by the project. After we make sure the new developer can fully take over the responsibility, we will formally announce him joining the team.

SP.NET MVC Developers, ASP.NET MVC Development Services

Brief introduction to the ASP.NET MVC Development Service

ASP.NET MVC is a preferred technology recommended by Nova when you are hoping to develop a Web Application or Website, which is also the domain that we have been most specializing in. We are very experienced in the technologies related with ASP.NET MVC, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Json, Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC, etc.

Using MVC4 to make your site responsive

Responsive design became a hot topic since the growth of mobile. While more and more user visits websites via smartphone and tablet, responsive design helps the layout of web pages to get changed according to the user's computer screen resolution, so that the mobile (and tablet) user experience is improved.

Dynamic CRM Developers, Dynamic CRM Development Services


Dynamic CRM Developers, Dynamic CRM Development Services

Our dedicated certified Dynamics CRM development team is renowned for quality of work, expertise and assurance to business growth of our clients. Our team of CRM developers have made deep use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and successfully delivered high-quality projects for global clients across diverse Dynamics CRM industries.