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European connection Information Technology project


"Data creators"  is a project of " European Connection",  in Brussels and Amsterdam.

We are a network of  programmers, designers and developers, developing products and services in different parts of the globe.

Teamwork is ensured through online network and video conference system; our project manager reports to the clients and ensures final result.


  • Websites;
  • Creating software. Converting ideas  into the programs and applications;
  • Other digital products (programs, databases, internal networks);
  • Graphic content (pictures, photo's graphs and tabs for your digital products);
  • Databases and data migration (bringing all content from old database to new server);
  • Cloud solutions. It's then you need to get rid of all your 20 years paperwork and put it online;
  • Multimedia content - videos' animation, audio files;
  • Security protocols. Making sure no one will hack you.

Think of us, as of translators. Someone who translates your ideas about perfect website or ideal business database into the digital language.

Think of us as of guides. Someone who can tell you a best way in the everlasting labyrinth of virtual universe..


We  tailor your on-line presence, visual content, multi-media applications and soft to suit both clients unique business needs, and budget. 

You set the budget, we tell you what's possible.

In practice we provide exact price quotation within 24 hours after receiving the inquiry and budget requirements.


  • No Technical Skills needed to use our ready made products. You order, we do, its done!
  • Your business online and running in minutes.
  • Get dedicated Technical Support and your own Account Manager.
  • We build using the  CMS which means you can update the products yourself at no extra charge.
  • Our staff and offices across  the world to help businesses like yours with any possible questions.
  • No Technical Skills needed to use our ready made products. You order, we do, its done!


The "Data Creators"  is project of "European Connection",  BVBA

Pease visit the "Company" section for more information.

Phone +32475506266

Skype: european.connection